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  My name is Nathan, I'm the owner of Accurate leak detection. I had a fun time making the video and I wanted to put a face on the person you will be meeting at your pool.  I prefer to do the work myself because every pool is different and there’s no substitute for experience. I’ve always said it takes 2 years to gain the confidence to find a pool leak efficiently and after 24 years of finding leaks in pools I’m going to make it look easy. I have my flagship business in beautiful Naples where I’m sure everyone will benefit from my expertise.  
  The new trend with pool companies is to advertise leak detection as a sales tool but the process can quickly prove to be more than some kids can handle. You can’t just run around in a pool truck and claim to find leaks –even though a few of people try.   They boast a low flat rate to get you to bite the bait, but then switch to resurface your entire pool. With my state of the art equipment, I can find leaks were others simply cannot.  


I also taught leak detection in Orlando, which means I’ve used every high tech instrument in the industry: Some of these are very expensive and have to be used everyday to justify the price. I have the best equipment that the others don’t have.
I don't charge If I don't find the smoking gun; I am the only one to offer a guarantee in writing because I have the confidence to consistently solve the problem every time. This is a trap for the inexperienced where a few easy jobs work out fine, but then their luck runs out and they have to confront the impossible. You will never hear from them again.



Some companies charge you less up front but are quick to charge you extra for the cost of repairs.  I haven’t raised my prices in 20 years because I’ve only gotten better and faster at what I do: That’s why I can respond to service calls quickly. Also, it’s so rare nowadays to see the owner working the job himself but it’s such a specialized field it takes years to learn to do it the right way.


Finally, In the least destructive repair person in town. I have was of repairing pipes from the inside without going through the deck much like a modern surgeon. But theres a trend with my competition to keep there employees busy with big repair jobs such as replacing skimmers and repiping pools. I have not had to replace a skimmer in over 10 years because there is always a better way to rebuild a skimmer where it sits for a lot less money and alot less demolition of the deck.


I always try to answer my phone even on weekends and after-hours so give me a call and tell me what has been done so far,  we can try to put our heads together and come up with a real solution to your problem.






Regular pool- concrete, fiberglass, vinyl liner..................$350.00

Pool/spa combination....................................................$450.00

Designer pool: pool/spa/vanishing edge........................$650.00+

Commercial pool with shelf drains................................$800.00+


Minor epoxy repairs such as patches in lights or bottom drains are included. 30 day warrantee for secondary leaks. Estimates for bigger pipe repairs which require digging through a concrete deck can cost $1200 for a residential pool and $1500 for a commercial pool. Skimmer cracks that can be repaired with a fiberglass and resin coating cost $350. Learn more about skimmer repairs at our sister website



Pool Leak Additional Information



Nathan Weston Naples Pool Leaks

Swimming pool leak detection bucket testBy now you have heard of the bucket test. Placing a 5 gallon pail on the pool steps to measure loss of water over a few days. This accounts for rain and evaporation. I often just look a the tile line and see if a dust line is present from day to day. Rain can wash the pollen particles off the tile but usually its right on target.

Swimming Pool Leak  tile dust










swimming pool leak detection -sheer decent fountain

Turn off fountains and waterfalls for a few days and see if the pool holds water better. This fountain is known a a "sheer decent" and can be a major problem because the thin spout can be tough to pressure test. This is public enemy #1 because the flimsy plastic its made out of will crack under the deck. Other rock waterfalls can be impossible to test.



Swimming pool leak detection clean VS Dirty

....No green pools please- Good visibility is a must because our divers need to visually inspect every inch of the pool. Sometimes a pool gets so green that nothing can be done until the leak is fixed- let it drain until it stops then call us.





POOL LEAK DOGWe love animals, but please put the dogs away. Overexcited animals become unpredictable. If you have lawn service, help us avoid each other. Scheduled us for different times of the day. Shut the pool off before we get there, calm still water helps us find leaks faster. Don't wait till winter till call us. Call as soon as you sense a problem


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E mail us with questions, or email pictures of your pool

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